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Me estas toreando?

The competition takes place in an arena into which the bull was called. It wasn’t its decision to come, all it knows is that the sand has replaced the meadow. Since it doesn’t see colours it is the movement that provokes it. The torero wants to control the bull’s body, so he carries a loaded revolver around his waist. How can the bull fight, when it has knives in its flesh and it is bleeding? Something that used to be a muscle instantly becomes meat, decorated with flowers. Al toro le falta el ritmo.

When we watch the bullfighting from the safe distance of the grandstands, we simultaneously fight inner fights only known to us. The man treats the nature inside himself the same way he treats the animal in nature. The bodies intertwine, the beastly becomes human, an arena is suddenly inside an arena, there is a sound of a different space that reverberates in our space, we are getting closer to the island of sirens. We enter the other space. The music, the sound, and the rhythm fill the space and empty it at the same time. How can we control the bull that ravages through our inner landscapes? How can we give into it, but avoid the dangerous song of the sirens that tempts us to go to a place of no return?

The performance Prostor med nama je najin odnos (Space Between Us) connects traditional symbolism of Spanish-style bullfighting with discussions about acceptance of human nature that draws anorganic borders in the organic world of relations. It is based on flamenco dance and intertwines it with contemporary performance and movement approaches. It revolves around the dilemmas of the individual that is constantly violently entering the space of the other. Even though a dance performance is a fictional event, it is infused with lives of its creators and spectators. The energy transfer, the presence of bodies, the inner reactions to physically mediated material... These are always real.

The bull enters the arena. The space between us changes.


Artistic team

Author: Anja Mejač
Choreography: Anja Mejač, Alejandro Granados
Movement consultation: Jurij Konjar
Original music, sound design: Bowrain
Costumography: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Light design: Igor Remeta
Visual consultation: Bastien Beheretche
Video: Črt Potočnik
Photography: Črt Potočnik, Tjaša Gnezda

The performers: Anja Mejač, Andraž Harauer, Bowrain, Vasja Štukelj

Special thanks: Katja Černe, Ena Kurtalić

Production: Skladišče 172
Co-production: Cankarjev dom

Financial support: Zavarovalnica Sava, GENERALI zavarovalnica d.d., NJT d.o.o., VIZIJA HOLDING, k.d.d., Embajada de España en Eslovenia, S-5 naložbe, Medius d.o.o.



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