tableaux vivants de Dios Sex Machina

Thursday 25th of June
at 9:00 pm
Variation Galerie
26 rue Duperré, Paris 9

TV Presenter (speaking loudly and clearly. From his way of talking you can feel he is hiding something. Or maybe this feeling comes from the Texas-style leather jacket he is wearing. Like always the coquette is hiding behind the fake smile): 

“You are all wellcome to see our new tableaux vivants Aquarium Pieces, the 25th of June at 9:00pm, behind the crystals of the parisian Gallery Variation in Pigalle! Slovenian dancer, choreographer and a étoile coach Anja Mejac will be presenting her Material pieces, which are choreographic extensions or dance thoughts that she has been developing during the isolation in her studio down in Ljubljana. Her dance will cross paths with the music of a french violist and can-can dancer Anne-Lise Binard. So guys, be prepared ... Drinks will be present and also a sono-performatic intervension by Dios Sex Machina collective is coming up so, you better be there! 

In other words: Welcome to Paradise Club, where cactus grow from plastic and fish breathe champaign! Contemporary dance performance disposed to sono-erotic disruption!”


About Material pieces:

Materials. To work on the material without an ambition. To shape the ideas the way you feel it. Maybe they cannot understand you, maybe you make no sense. We refuse many beautiful details because of that. But what happens, if we let the nonsenses live in a form, only for a moment. If we don’t, thoughts stay only some empty constructions in our heads, that will vanish the moment we forget about them. 

The system helps us to stay calm, this is why we believe in it. Maybe that’s why the security guy stands there. 


Anja Mejac
Anne-Lise Binard
Bastien Beheretche
Črt Potočnik
Maxime Mantovani

Sunscreen needed!!
Besos, Kisses, Bisous
Yours DSM

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