performing arts collective

Our collective consists of artists from Slovenia and France: a dancer, choreographer Anja Mejač; a musician, dancer Anne-Lise Binard; composer, sound designer Maxime Mantovani; a plastic-visual artist Bastien Beheretche; and a video maker, photographer Črt Potočnik. Maintaining this diversity of artistic expression is essential for us. We do believe in the importance of the structure, skills and knowledge but as well in the constant flow of change of nature. Each of us is building his own way of observing and questioning the world with his own discipline which is essential to evolve the combination of the fragments that can speak for themselves and be strong enough to communicate and create new images. Finding the place, somewhere, where all the languages will be broken just as much to be able to fuse with the new pieces. And this is the core idea of the collective. The connections between us. When composing a piece we try to let go and go further of our fixed roles. 

We think there exists the multiple possibility of understanding life. The world is complex, with many levels of lecture and understanding. We do not want to take our art to fit the established contexts, create separation and to focus on a specific spectator. We find more interest in diversity of perception and embracing the complexity of the world. 

Our work and communication is created with different residencies in Ljubljana, Paris, Madrid and in online collaboration. We are trying to include the positive qualities of the physical distance between us in the work. It is very interesting and productive to keep the balance between collective energy and the individual impulses. 

Our constant base is in Ljubljana in the studio Skladišče 172. An important media of the collective is to perform live and as well to make materials and pieces that can be reached online. Just during the coronavirus isolation (in just one week!) we have designed an online performance Greetings from Maldives that will take part in DAF-tivi online Festival: